From Brittany to California…

Our company

Maudet’s is a crêpe manufacturer.

We make fresh crêpes daily in our kitchen in California and use only natural and non-gmo ingredients.

Our experts use the traditional way and original recipes from Brittany (Western France) to bring the taste of real crêpes to California.

Our crêpes are available online for individual purchase, for wholesale and for retailers.

Who We Are

Bene Maudet, owner, is a French woman from Brittany the birthplace of crêpes in France.

She studied in a culinary and catering school in France for 4 years and has worked in the restaurant industry.

Then Bene spent many years travelling around the world, gaining experience in many fields including sales and business development (she has worked in Paris as well as New York City and Miami) but she finally decided to come back to her roots in the food industry!

 “I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs which instilled a strong work ethic. I love the spirit of taking risks and that’s why I love the USA where anything is possible!

It’s very challenging everyday but finally this dream I had to create and manage a business from the beginning has become true so I’m very excited!”

And because she is a crêpe lover and very proud of her culture from Brittany, Bene decided to bring the authentic and traditional French crêpes to US: ”I want to bring the taste of famous and delicious Brittany crêpes to the food industry in US.“

A little bit of history about crêpes…

The tradition of crêpes started at the end of 15th century in Brittany.

People made crepes weekly for the entire family. Crepes was considered a main dish, a staple similar to bread.

There were 2 types of crêpes : the crêpe made with wheat flour and the galette which is made with buckwheat flour.

Today, crepes are a part of the culture in Brittany and home to the best creperies in the world!