For breakfast, entrees, desserts… or snacks!

Easy and quick…ready-to-eat right out of the package or by warming & filling.

How to warm the crêpe

In a PAN: place it flat (without folding) over a low heat (depends if you like crispy or not) with a small dab of salted butter then let it cook.

In MICROWAVE: in a plate or directly package, 10 seconds per crêpe.

Cooking time according to the toppings.

Place toppings on the open crêpe, then fold up the edges of the crêpe to cover the toppings completly or partially. You can also use them in place of tortilla or wrapped sandwiches.

Suggested for filling & topping crêpes

SAVORY: Cheese, eggs, hams, tomatoes, chicken, smoked fish, grilled vegetables, topped with flavorful sauces.

SWEET: Sugar, lemon, fresh berries, banana, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, topped with whipped cream.

Examples of crepes recipes...

Banana and chocolate sauce


Berries and yoghurt

Stack crepes with berries close-up on a plate. Horizontal

Crepe Suzette (orange sauce)

Fresh crepe suzette on a white plate

Examples of galettes recipes...

Eggs, ham (or bacon) and cheese


Sausage and onions

galette saucisse bretonne 2

Ricotta and spinach